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International trade has traditionally been supported by physical documents. Laws, commercial arrangements, financial arrangements, insurance, processes and human capital: all have been honed in practice based on physical documents. Moving from paper-based processes to digital processes is a major challenge because of this legacy. Logistics is one of the key focus areas of the BDI: an event-driven federated data space infrastructure creates a common infrastructure for most use cases, accelerating the transition to digital shipment data.

Ipad for Digital shipment Data

eCMR and other freight documents

The introduction of  the eCMR (road transport) is a good example of the interaction between legacy processes, commercial law and compliance requirements. While trade interactions become highly automated, the CMR process is still mainly paper based. In other modalities like airfreight the handling of digital freight data is highly automated, for security reasons.

The goal is to identify the legal basis for federated data space technology.


The eFTI regulation aims to:

  • Promote use of digital technologies for business-to-authority;
  • Reduce administrative burden and promote digitalization in freight transport and logistics;
  • Promote information exchange related to the transport of goods within the EU à greater e_ciency of the transport sector by mandating acceptance by public authorities of freight transport information made available electronically, and an uniform implementation of the obligation of acceptance by authorities, and interoperability of the IT systems and solutions used. The eFTI implementation is under development and will to be made public in the near future.

Proposals to use the BDI infrastructure as a basis for eFTI are being developed.

Open trip model - Digital Shipment Data

Open Trip Model

The Open Trip Model is a de-facto industry standard for operational control of (road-)trips. The ontology for integration in the BDI ontology has been created and is used in proof of concepts.

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