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Eclipse Data Connector

The BDI Association is the (local) legal entity that serves as the operational anchor for both federated trust and authentication. Members of BDI Associations may participate in as many data spaces as they see fit – for instance in the emerging IDSA-based data spaces like Catena-X, German Mobility Data Space, and Smart Connected Supplier Network (SCSN).

Interoperability needed

In order to do so, interoperability with the IDS Reference Architecture Model (IDS RAM) is essential. The IDS RAM defines a data space connector as standard for data exchange services to enable technical interoperability via the data space protocol.


Understanding the data space connector

Data connectors transform data spaces into secure environments for data sharing, ensuring data sovereignty, transparency, and fairness. They serve as nodes, offering data sovereignty and enabling data exchange through APIs for interoperability and robust policy enforcement for data handling and cybersecurity. An International Data Space (IDS)-compliant connector facilitates data exchange without centralized storage, operating via standard Internet Protocol in various environments, including on-premises and cloud.


Why the Eclipse data space components (EDC)?
The EDC is a robust, open-source, IDS connector-compliant project increasingly used in various data spaces for its dual Control-Plane and Data-Plane design. This offers administrative control and efficient data transfer. Its component-based nature allows flexible deployment in diverse environments, from on-premises to cloud, ensuring scalability.


BDI reference deployment of the EDC
Integrating the EDC with BDI’s federated authentication creates a BDI-compliant reference deployment, facilitating acceleration for members seeking interaction with IDS RAM-based data spaces.


EDC Connector integration and development
The incorporation of the EDC connector into BDI’s federated authentication and authorization protocols is under examination and development. The DIL project accelerating BDI developments is associated with the Eclipse Foundation ‘Dataspace Working Group to Foster Global Innovation in Trusted Data Sharing’ in which iSHARE, IDSA, Catena-X, Microsoft, T-Systems, and others are also participating. Our focus is interoperability with BDI Association (local trust and onboarding anchor) governance.

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