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Professional Qualification Registry

It is standard business practice to hold an organization responsible for having verified the professional credentials of an employee or contractor acting on behalf of the organization. The verification of the professional credentials required for specific tasks and the accountability of the organization can be automated for seamless and compliant task execution.

Verifiable credentials

Verifiable credentials are seen as an attractive mechanism to express these sorts of credentials on the Web in a way that is cryptographically secure, respects privacy, and is machine verifiable. The specification defines the relationship between an issuer, the holder, and the verifier. A Verifiable Data Registry may be used to store the credentials.


Adding another registry

For business purposes, another registry must be added under the control of the organization that employs a natural person with specific credentials. After all:

  • The organization is accountable for verifying the professional qualifications (credentials) of the employee or contractor, and is responsible for doing so as long as the natural person is acting on behalf of the organization.
  • The contractor may work concurrently for multiple organizations.
  • Only the specific professional qualification is important as a verifiable presentation (for privacy reasons).


Professional Qualification Registry

The Professional Qualification Registry, controlled by the organization of the data owner, stores these (temporary, dynamic) accountability relationships, verifiable by third parties through the published endpoint.

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