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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the BDI?

Is the BDI a government platform?

What is a federative system?

So what does the word ‘Infrastructure’ stand for?

A set of agreements sounds like a very vague term. Does any functioning examples already exist?

You talk about increasing ‘capabilities’ by implementing more agreements. Can you give any examples?

What does the BDI add in terms of capabilities compared to what is already there?

What happens to my data if I am the source being accessed?

What is the benefit of accessing data at the source?

You talk about ‘events’ like they are something special. What is the story behind this?

If everyone has standardised interfaces, will it not become too tempting for the government to request more and more data?

What is the difference between the BDI and DIL (Digital Infrastructure for Logistics)?

What is the planning for DIL?

Can my organisation already start working with the BDI?

Can my organisation participate in the DIL Living Labs?

How does the BDI relate to European initiatives such as FEDeRATED, IDSA and GAIA-X?

When I purchase new software, should I already be considering the BDI?

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