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BDI Association

The BDI Association is the (local) legal entity that serves as the operational anchor for both federated trust and local onboarding in the infrastructure. Members of BDI Associations participate in as many data spaces as they see fit, sharing data with members of other associations according to the agreed framework per data space. Data spaces are virtual networks between members of many different associations. The virtual network is formed by direct communication between organizations with their local (root) association providing support.

Becoming a member

A BDI Association is an operational legal entity defined by its articles of association. Entities can become a member of the BDI Association of their choice by applying for membership and going through an onboarding process. Members govern the BDI Association according to the articles, and choose what roles they perform and support concurrently. An organization/member may be a Data Service Provider and a Data Consumer at the same time, for example.


Association functions

Association functions include:

  • Onboarding, offboarding, and sanctioning, with onboarding including:
    • verification of identity and certificates;
    • registering roles (formally defined) and certificates;
    • certification of APIs or connectors;
    • signing agreements.
  • Operation of core Association Register Service (SaaS)
  • Efficient federated digital authentication, trust, and reputation assessment spanning a potentially large number of BDI Associations globally
  • Maintenance of common standards and registers, such as:
    • generic terms and conditions for doing business digitally;
    • generic data licenses (terms and conditions for using data);
    • generic policies and roles for data access management purposes (XACML definitions);
    • blacklists and/or allowlists;
    • collective Reputation scoring;
    • preferred partner lists (associations and entities);
    • generic Semantics;
    • generic edge agreements
      • Interaction protocols with non-members, such as handover protocols in transport
    • Adherence to BDI framework: maintenance
    • Support for members in adhering to data space frameworks (IDSA, GAIA-X, Catena-X, others)
    • IT-security support
    • Governance administration and management, financial oversight
    • Optionally operating other services

Members of an association participate in as many concurrent data spaces as they see fit.

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